1. Can I order the item I like in other colors?

Of course you can :) You are more than welcome to order a jewelry for your special occasion or your special color dress. But notice that it takes time to find the stones and crystals suitable for your idea.


2. If I order an item and choose a color on my own how long it would take to be completed?

It depends. Sometimes I have in stock all the elements necessary for your order and in that case usually it takes 5 bussiness days. If I don't have in stock the the necessary elements it would take 2 weeks. In May I also need about 2 weeks to finish an order.


3. Is there a limit as to the volume of my order?
No, you can order as many items as you wish. Only please note that in case of a larger order, it may take longer to manufacture.
4.How do I order?
After you have reviewed the models on our web site and made your choice, you can send your order to info@bijoua.eu, and we will contact you within the next 24 hours.